Secret wanted to tell stories showing that they’re a brand that stands behind all women. For one of those stories we launched a spot during the Bathroom Bill debate putting them on the side of transgender women.


Secret USA:

Transgender Press: NYMagazine,  LGBTQ Nation, Huffington Post, Out Magazine, Paper Magazine,  tweeted by Laverne Cox 

Gold Stars: DA&D Pencil 2017

Creative Directors: Caio Lazzuri, Justine Armour

Art Director: Danielle Delph

Copywriter: Claire Wyckoff

Secret Mexico:

Creative Directors: Ashley Davis-Marshall, Matt Sorrell

Art Director: Danielle Delph

Copywriter: Zoe Hawkins


After relaunching Secret in the US we were asked to launch the brand in Mexico. We found stories that were particularly stressful, relatable, and even taboo for these young Mexican women.